NF/ Ranch House

Ranch House

The NF/ Ranch is a small cattle ranch in the Mimbres Valley. The earliest signs of human occupation are from 1000AD, when the Mimbres Indians occupied sites along the Gallinas River, just down the hill. A Spanish fort was built over some of these ruins arround 1600, for protection against the local Warm Springs Apaches. Now the residents include Bill, Ty, Nick, Cindy, Amber, and Kaelin along with the animals at the ranch. Ty and Nick are currently perfecting a Trebuchet, a high tech siege weapon from the 10th century.

Bill Neely is an Adjunct Professor of Research Astronomy at WNMU. Information on classes for WNMU students can be obtained at Harlan Hall, Physical Sciences Department.

NF/ Observatory
Rt. 15 Box 760
San Lorenzo, NM 88041