Wilhelm F. Richter
129 Pine Meadows Loop
Hot Springs, AR 71901
Phone (501) 262-9563
Arkansas School for Mathematics and Sciences
200 Whitting Avenue
Hot Springs, AR 71901


1998           AP Physics B and C Workshop of UALR
1996 - 1997    Science Crusade/Graduate Science Course with Henderson State
1995           3-week Teacher Institute about Elementary Particle Physics at the Fermi
               National Laboratory.
1994           1-week teacher workshop about teaching AP Physics in San Antonio, Texas
1993           Receiving my MASTER OF SCIENCE IN PHYSICS degree  from the
               University of New Orleans
1987 - 1993    Part-time graduate studies at the University of New Orleans towards a
               Master of Science in Physics degree
1986 - 1987    Three courses at Our Lady of Holy Cross College in New Orleans for my
               teacher certification
1986           National Teacher's Examination (NTE), taken at the University of New
1986           Two courses at U.N.O.: INTRODUCTION TO PROGRAMMING  IN
1967 - 1969    Teacher training at the Siebold Gymnasium in  Wuerzburg, Germany, and
               practice Teaching at two other German High Schools
            Note please: The German Gymnasium is a College Preparatory High School
            attended only by about 35% of all students (grades 5 to 13).
1961 - 1967    Studied Physics and Mathmatics at the Friedrich-  Alexander University of
               Erlangen/Nuremberg, Germany. In Spring of 1967 I took the State
               Examination for the Teaching Profession in College Preparatory High
               Schools in Physics and Mathematics.
1960 - 1961    Military Service in the Federal Army of West Germany
1951 - 1960    Attending the Science High School in Bavaria

1947 - 1951    Elementary Education in Bavaria


1991 - 1992    Computer modeling of interstellar shock waves using new atomic data for
               collisional ionization photoionization, radiative and dielectronic
               recombination, and charge transfer reactions. (Master thesis at the
               University of New Orleans)
1964 - 1965    Constructing an apparatus to measure the angular distribution of the
               annihilation quanta of positrons sent into various metal foils to determine
               the Fermi energy of free metal electrons (Friedrich-Alexander University,
               Erlangen, Germany)


1993 - Present
               Teaching Physics and Astronomy at the ARKANSAS  SCHOOL FOR
               MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCES, Hot Springs

Sponsor of the Astronomy Club
1997           Teaching Astronomy and Physics at the Garland County Community
               College, Hot Springs, Arkansas.
1992 - 1993    Teaching Conceptual Physics with the Tele-learning Outreach Program of
               Natchitoches, LA
1990 - 1992    Taught Physics and Astronomy at the Isodore Newman School, New
               Orleans. Founding and leading the Astronomy Club.
1989 - 1992    Taught Astronomy and General Physics Lab Courses at the University of
               New Orleans.
1990           Taught Algebra and Developmental Math at Delgado  Community College
               in New Orleans.
1989/90        Taught Developmental Math at Delgado Community  College in New
1987 - 1989    Taught Physics and Chemistry at Archbishop Shaw High School, Marrero
               (Metropolitan New Orleans).  Working with Students in the Science Club,
               founding and leading the Electronics Club.
1984 - 1987    Taught Physics, Geometry, Computer I (BASIC) and Computer II
               (PASCAL) at Lutheran High School in Metairie (Metropolitan New
1978 - 1984    Taught Physics (including beginning college level), Math (including
               Calculus and Statistics) and Computer Science at a Science High School in
               West Germany. Besides, I was working as High School Traffic Educator
1974 - 1978    Taught Physics, Mathematics, General Science and Religion in High
               Schools of the Lutheran Church in Papua New Guinea and Australia.
1969 - 1973    Taught Physics and Mathematics at the Markgraf- Georg-Friedrich
               Gymnasium in Kulmbach, West Germany


August 17, 1975     Married to Ingrid Antonia, a fine Filipino lady.   Since then our family has
                    grown to include four children

August 6, 1984      Immigration to the United States
March 7, 1990       Naturalization as U.S. citizen