Vita of Claud H. Lacy

Professor, Physics Department
University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Educational Background

1978 Ph.D. in Astronomy, The University of Texas at Austin
1971 M.S. in Physics, The University of Oklahoma
1970 B.S. in Astronomy, The University of Oklahoma
1969 B.S. in Physics, The University of Oklahoma

Professional Experience

1999-present Professor, University of Arkansas,
Dept. of Physics, Fayetteville.
1986-1999 Associate Professor, University of Arkansas,
Dept. of Physics, Fayetteville.
1980-1986 Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas,
Dept. of Physics, Fayetteville.
1978-1980 Visiting Assistant Professor, Texas A&M University, Dept. of Physics
1973-1978 Research and Teaching Assistant,
University of Texas at Austin, Astronomy Dept.


Stellar photometry and spectroscopy, observational aspects of stellar evolution,
robotic telescopes, multi-channel spectroscopic detectors, photometric instrumentation,
rapid line variability, applications of stellar surface brightness, eclipsing binaries, nearby stars, spotted stars, and flare stars, educational software.

Recent Publications

50. "Absolute Dimensions and Masses of IT Cassiopeiae,"
(with G. Torres, D. Latham, M. Zakirov, and G. Arzumanyants),
Astron. J., 114, 1206 (1997).
51. "Absolute Dimensions and Masses of Eclipsing Binary Stars:
The Anomalous Triple Star V909 Cygni," Astron. J., 114, 2140 (1997).
52. "Absolute Dimensions and Masses of V541 Cygni and the General Theory
of Relativity," Astron J., 115, 801 (1998).
53. "Times of Minima of Eclipsing Binaries,"
(with J.L. Clem, M. Zakirov, G.C. Arzumanyants, N.R. Bairamov,
& A.S. Hojaev), I.B.V.S., No. 4597 (1998).
54. "V907 Scorpii: A Remarkable Binary Star Whose Eclipses Turn
On and Off and On and Off," (with B.E. Helt, & P.R. Vaz),
Astron. J., 117, 541 (1999).
55. "Why and How To Observe Binary Stars Tonight," Mercury, 28, 18 (1999).
56. "Times of Minima of Eclipsing Binary Stars,"
(with K. Marcrum & C. Ibanoglu), I.B.V.S., No. 4737 (1999).
57. "Absolute Properties of ZZ Ursae Majoris," (with J.A. Sabby),
I.B.V.S., No. 4755 (1999).
58. "Absolute Dimensions of the A-type Eclipsing Binary V364 Lacertae,"
(with G. Torres, A. Claret, M. Zakirov, G. Arzumanyants, N. Bayramov,
R. Stefanik, D. Latham, & J. Sabby), Astron. J., 118, 1831 (1999).
59. "New Analyses of V909 Cygni Light Curves," (with M. Zakirov,
G. Arzumanyants, N. Bairamov, & A. Hojaev), I.B.V.S., No. 4782 (1999).
60. "Absolute Dimensions of the Unevolved B-type Eclipsing Binary GG Orionis,"
(with G. Torres & A. Claret), Astron. J., 120, 3226 (2000).
61. "Times of Minima of Eclipsing Binaries," (with B. Hood & A. Straughn),
I.B.V.S., No. 5067 (2001).
62. "Absolute Properties of the Main-Sequence Eclipsing Binary Star
WW Camelopardalis," (with G. Torres, A. Claret, and J. Sabby),
Astron. J., in press (2001).

Recent Grants Received

"Observing Time on Coudé Feed Telescope," Kitt Peak National Observatory.
5/4/89 - present. Principal investigator for 8 observing runs totalling 49 nights.
"Observing Time on 0.6m Reflecting Telescope," Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory.
8/4/88-present. Principal investigator for 5 observing runs totalling 67 nights.
"Apsidal Motion In Eccentric Eclipsing Binary Stars: A Continuation of the
First Woodward Grant," Edith J. Woodward Award of the American Astronomical Society,
7/2/95-3/2/96, $4,200. Principal investigator.
"Anomalous Apsidal Motion," Fulbright College Research Incentive Grant,
4/14/98-6/1/99, $577. Principal investigator.
"Undergraduate Research Studies in Astronomy (URSA),"
NSF, 5/1/2000-4/30/2002, $40,090 + $40,090 UA match, Principal Investigator.

Recent Students Advised

Graduate Students: Cynthia Sexton, 1993, MS in Physics
Gregory Fox, 1995, MS in Physics
Jeffrey Sabby, 1999, MA in Physics
Jeffrey Sabby, current, PhD in Physics

Undergraduate Students: Colleen Wilson, 1992, Honor's Thesis
Gregory Fox, 1993, Honor's Thesis
Robert Ward, 1996, Research Project
Joshua Adams, 1996 Honor's Thesis
James Clem, 1998, Honor's Thesis
Jack May, 1998, Research Project
Kyle Marcrum, 1999, Honor's Thesis
Ben Hood, current, Research Project
Amber Straughn, current, Honor's Thesis