Field of Fairies
Burning Man 2017

Honoraria Project

Obedience builds a structure that ritual occupies.  Ritual forms an inner
framework to empower the individual.  Obey our Fairies and they will help
make your wishes come true.  Return to your favorite Fairies as often as 
you like.

Field of Fairies will have 30 Fairies on the playa. Each Fairy is unique with a different voice and face. She will be 14" high on a 75" pole. She is powered with a solar panel, a Raspberry Pi Zero, LED's, and motion and light sensors.

Meet the Fairies

The Build in Silver City, NM
On the Playa at Black Rock City

by Bill Neely

Original fairy image by Roy3D
'Field' photoshop by Kaelin Chvala
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