Over Borgo Pass to Moldavia
and Bran Castle
About half the population was cutting hay with sickles and loading it.
We made it to the top of Borgo Pass and 'Dracula's Castle' (a Disney Hotel wannabe)
in a thunderstorm.  Work continued at the top of the pass.
Not quite the 'Dark Transilvanian forest, but the mist was here.  The mythical
Dracula lived about 150 miles north of the real Dracula (Vlad Tepes).
This is Moldavia (part of Romania) on the East side of the pass.  Many
more Hungarians and not as friendly as Transilvania.
Horse and cart still was a main form of transportation.
This made motorized travel pretty slow.  We averaged about 20mph.
Brashov was the second largest City, and a prize during Dracula's time.
Luther was ever present in the Protestant Churches.
Using a technique found in one of Dave Barry's Books (a humorist), we made
a chalk mark on all the Cathedrals, to make sure we we're being led to them
twice, by practical joking tourguides.!
The primative art was good too.  This was a window painting in Brasov.
Bran Castle was in a great stategic position to block the route from
Vlad's Castle in Targoviste to Brasov.
It had secret passages and a commanding view.
The last person to live in it was Queen Marie in the early 1900's.
It was pretty cozy.
Couldn't resist a picture of this old phonograph 'horn'.
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