Project ASTRO is an ongoing partnership between astronomers and educators. Its mission is to encourage amateur and professional astronomers to join with teachers in order to improve science education, with a strong emphasis on hands-on learning. Project ASTRO - New Mexico is administered by the Space Center in Alamogordo, New Mexico, and this web site is sponsored by the NF/ Observatory.

This site is geared toward curious students, but it is also meant as a very brief introduction to the comprehensive resource guide - The Universe at Your Fingertips. This resource guide was developed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific as an aid towards the Project ASTRO goals. It includes a wide range of activities, resource lists, and teaching ideas.  Project Astro NM Information and Upcoming Classes

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Our Moon
The Sun and Other Stars
The Planets
Comets and Meteors
Space Exploration
Size of Universe
Tools of Astronomers
Astronomy in Different Cultures
Glossary of Basic Astronomy Terms
Astronomy in Education
Astronomy Links
Astro Trips and Activities
Public Showing of the Starlab Planetarium, February, 2001

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