NFO Job Application Questionnaire

Since NFO is a not-for-profit organization potential employees are expected
to be not-for-profit employees.  In that spirit, please answer the following

How many hours can you work each week (for free) ?

    1. 20 hours
    2. 40 hours
    3. unlimited hours
    4. I have friends and relatives that I can get to work for free also.

How much money can you contribute to NFO per week (tax deductible)?

    1. $20
    2. $50
    3. $100
    4. I will sign over my assets if NFO chooses to let me work.

How healthy are you?

    1. Poor health
    2. OK Health
    3. Good Health
    4. Poor health with life insurance (NFO is beneficiary)

Please indicate any assets that you own that might useful to the observatory. 
You will receive 1 point extra credit for each asset checked.

    Car (that works)


How to calculate your score:
Add up the value for each answer and then add any extra credit points.

    I can work 40 hours             2 points
    I can contribute $100 per week  3 points
    I am in good health             3 points
    I have a Car                    1 point
                                    9 points

This score is a little lower than the average for NFO's employees but is
still of interest to us.  EMAIL Bill at  

NFO is an equal opportunity employer.

NFO motto "Don't quit your daytime job."