Year 1 Goals - 2003
Telescope foundation completion -done
Dome foundation completion -done
Dome walls and suprastructure under-construction -done
Power to Dome -done Drive gears and motor control completion -done
Drive software and interfaces completed -done
Telescope mounted on temporary stand - mount fully functional -done


Year 2 Goals - 2004

Roll-off Dome Completion -done
Internal Dome wiring (armored) completed -done
‘T1' Internet link completed (radio - probably about 200kb) -done (400kb through-put)
Dome electronic ‘warm box' with ‘distance' ventilation - done
Fiber optics installed for local system -done (wireless)
Mirror recoating -done
Focus system installed -done
Telescope installed in dome and pointing -done
Pointing Calibration -done
Interim camera - cancelled (main camera functional)
Functional Main Control program - done
Weather monitoring installed - done (all dome controls functional)


Year 3 Goals - 2005

Programing and Integration of Primary Instrument - done
Installation of Primary Instrument - done
Construction and Installation of Filter Wheel Package - done
Final programing of Main Control Computer - done
Web based project coordination and integration - done